8-Bit Salute: Play Games, Support Troops!

8-Bit Salute is a community based charity event uniting thousands of gamers around the globe in support of active-military, veterans and their families.

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Pick any day that suits you, stream a little or do it all year.

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Help support over 1 million veterans.

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How Is This All Possible?

OSD is a nonprofit Veteran Support™ made possible by generous community members and donors like you.

Through programs including Games to Grunts™, OSD has distributed more than 1.3 million games to tens of thousands of veterans.

Learn more about OSD and who we are.

If you love what Games to Grunts™ is, what we stand for, and the service we're able to provide to the brave men and women that served our nation, then...

We encourage you to consider a tax-deductible gift so we can continue to provide and grow this valuable service.

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