For Developers / Publishers

Thanks to the generous support of our numerous strategic partners in the gaming industry, we’ve delivered over 1,000,000 games to our troops.

Games to Grunts is an important and valuable program provided much needed and deserve fun to members of the military community. What’s more, this program serves as a gateway to OSD’s additional award-winning social, professional and service-oriented programs found in communities around the globe.

As a developer or publisher, we offer the following benefits:

  • In-Kind Donation Receipt of Tax purposes
  • Media Alert Published for Donations*
  • Direct link to game(s) to show support for and market to military/veterans on military appreciation days and year-round
  • Ability to have game(s) featured on Games to Grunts platform
  • Opportunity to participate in streaming fundraising events

To learn more about how you can provide your game(s) to the military community on the Games to Grunts platform, please complete the form on this page.

*Donations must be above a minimum threshold, complete form to learn more